Fuck the World

This is so good.

The Foulosopher

Fuck the AUC privileged class for acting like self-entitled douchebags who subconsciously dream of being white, fantasizing about their own country like an exotic tourist drooling over karkade.

Fuck the other AUCians who feel ashamed about being rich, and therefore fetishize being “poor” as some sort of entitled rebellion against their privilege. Their poverty is a luxury they can afford, not a reality they must live. Deep down, they revel in the security of their looming inheritance.

Fuck those who obsess about the West and those who over use the term orientalism. Seeing orientalism everywhere is the newest form of orientalism. It reveals nothing insightful. It only highlights our fragile reactionary identities to dominant narratives.

Fuck the post-thawra bourgeois petty nationalism of taking the metro and using yamli to write facebook statuses in Arabic. Accept that you speak English better than Arabic and move on. There is no shame in…

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