Revealing the Dove

Hello guys, this post is translated by me for SolidarityWithEgyptLgbt, which is a project started by me and some other friends. We document human rights abuses committed by the Egyptian government and seek to give those of the queer community a platform to speak about their issues.

This post was originally written in Arabic by a friend of mine, and it tackles a pervasive kind of sexual harassment in Egypt’s public schools for boys.

I hope you enjoy it, and tell me your thoughts.

Solidarity with Egypt LGBT


This is a translation of a previous post written by Ibrahim Abdella

All of a sudden, he’s stranded at the shoulders and his movement restricted, any attempts to enter are hindered by closing the classroom’s door with his bed, and some stand beside it as to warn of any person approaching. No less than six members gather around him, their tasks split between holding him down for easier access to the next step, untying his belt and the buttons of his school uniform, sliding it down his legs, and attempting to remove his underwear to reveal his “dove”.

What I just described are, in short, the steps taken to “reveal the dove”, and it’s an infamous practice widespread in boys’ schools in several cities, starting at elementary level until high school.
This “practice” aims at one thing, and it’s humiliating the victim through revealing his private parts forcedly in…

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